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Privacy Policy - COOKIES (Cookies);

This document is an integral part of the regulations and applies only by browsing the content of the following Website

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which protects the Users' privacy. The information is collected with the Cookies to support the Website administration.


What are Cookies?

Cookie files - are short text files constituting IT data used for browsing the Website; cookies are stored on the User's end device (e.g. computer). Cookies used by are not used to collect the Users' personal data. The User may decide, if he/she wants to use cookies on his/her end device.

The administrator informs that the web traffic is monitored by Google Analytics in order to collect data about the usage and monitor popularity of the Website. By using the Administrator’s website, the User gives his/her consent to analyze his/her data by Google Analytics for the mentioned purposes.

Types and purposes of using Cookies by

SESSION: are temporarily stored and deleted automatically after some time or turning off the website or web browser.

Purpose: i.e. better website navigation.

PERSISTENT: are stored on the end device for a specified period or until the User deletes them.

Purpose: to store information about new or returning Users and whether he / she has used the Website via the partner websites.

EXTERNAL: cookies from the partner websites: e.g. Facebook, Google, Google Analytics.

Purpose: keeping statistics and analyse of online behavior and consumer preferences.

How to enable / disable Cookies?

The user can change the browser settings at any time, however in each browser the settings may be changed in a different way, for example Internet Explorer version 8.0: 1) Select "Tools" from the menu and then "Internet options"; 2) Go to the "Privacy" tab; 3) Use the slider to set preferences. "

Web browsers often install the Cookie files on the User's end device by default.

However, is the User disables the cookies, the website may not function in a proper manner,

What data is processed? processes data provided voluntarily by the User in order to receive news related to the activities of the Website.

The administrator undertakes actions to protect the personal data and does not transfer them to the third parties.

The users are entitled to control their personal data and have the right to request data removal or correction by sending an e-mail.


In case of changing the current privacy policy - cookies, shall be made appropriate modifications to the above-mentioned entries.